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Why justice isn't always just


How evidence and witness testimony can be unreliable

How people confess to things they didn't do


How hard it is to put things straight


Damage caused to individuals and families

Videos on evidence are at innocence-inuk


Or visit Innocent, United Against Injustice, and INUK, for textual information on a wide range of issues, relevant cases etc.

Has the sun gone down on British justice?

If any of this rings true for you then you're not the only person it happened to, or who is concerned

More and more people are seeing that the British justice we used to have pride in, goes awry more than it should. More than we like to think it could. Even with an effort!

Reputable lawyers and researchers have written books that are often in paperback so people can get hold of them cheaply

There are organisations putting out information on the Web

People tend not to bother too much unless something goes wrong in their lives or friends and family

This Site does not say that nothing can be done for your case or that of someone you know

A number of 'convicted people' will tell you, after years of hardship and efforts, they managed to get free

It may not have seemed as though they would, and it's taken a toll on them, but free they are

Of course, it shouldn't take so long to put right something that should not have happened. And it shouldn't be so difficult

Let's hope things will improve

You may be in prison and unable to see this. But someone you know may

If it gives them hope and some avenues to follow, maybe it can do something for you

Reasons are given for what happens when people are falsely accused or convicted. Sometimes people are convicted because they made a confession about something they simply did not do

Eyewitnesses often don't see or remember clearly enough to be really sure

Convictions should not be made solely on one type of evidence, but in cases of miscarriage of justice, other things may be 'made to fit' into a scenario which other people come to believe is what happened

If you know someone who is in prison, try to get some support for yourself too, or a friend to back you up

Click for Human Rights TV Innocence Channel for videos on problems with evidence and testimony
Click for YouTube Video on Wrongful Convictions
Click for YouTube Video 'Scapegoating, Abuse, Sadistic Behaviour'

If you are troubled by your own violent behaviour, see Factors in Violence Books and video on this site;

Visit Tansal page on Domestic Violence, Stalking, Harassment, Bullying, Coercive Relationships

castle or jail

Visit for an article on the unreliability of evidence, by Zakaria Erzinclioglu - Science and the law: A cause for concern

For articles about disclosure of evidence and other issues visit Innocent Disclosure, Problems/Help Miscarriages of Justice, Prisoners who maintain their innocence, Forensic science, In prison

Books listed by Innocent are at where downloads are available for some out-of-print books

Visit the Links page at INUK - The Innocence Network UK -

UAI United Against Injustice
National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Campaign and Support Organisations
Miscarriage of Justice Day meeting in London: 9 October 2010


scales of justice

Did you sign something?
Did you have a lawyer?
Did people listen to you?
Did they try to understand you?


Were you confused when questioned?
Did you say anything that wasn't right?
Did they say your fingerprint matched?
Were you where people said you were?