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How evidence and witness testimony can be unreliable

How hard it is to put things straight

Damage caused to individuals and families

UAI United Against Injustice


Miscarriage of Justice Day
Sat 12 October 2013

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United Against Injustice for textual information on a wide range of issues

Is justice 'just' for all of us - or only just for some?

Is it safe to assume that justice will prevail for you in your hour of need? People tend not to bother too much unless something goes wrong in their lives or friends and family.

More and more people are seeing that the British justice we used to have pride in, goes awry more than it should. Reputable lawyers and researchers have written books that are often in paperback so people can get hold of them cheaply.

A number of convicted people will tell you, after years of hardship and effort they managed to get free. They managed to prove their point, though it has not been easy and takes a very long time.

It may not have seemed as though they would and it took a toll on them, but free they are. Of course, it shouldn't take so long to put right something that should not have happened. And it shouldn't be so difficult - let's hope things will improve.

Reasons are given for what happens when people are falsely accused or convicted. Sometimes people are convicted because they confessed to something they simply did not do. Read about problems with evidence or watch some videos, and see a list of books and articles. Eyewitnesses often don't observe accurately at all, or remember clearly enough to be sure.

Convictions should not be made solely on one type of evidence, but in cases of miscarriage of justice, other things may be 'made to fit' into a scenario which other people come to believe. Once people believe in something, it is very hard to get anyone to listen, let alone to change their minds.

There can be problems over interpreting evidence and genuine disagreement among experts. Does this count as reasonable doubt? We are supposed to be regarded - and treated - as if we are innocent until proved guilty. It is a lesson for all of us because it can happen to anyone. The more we understand of possible reasons, the less things in our justice system and wider society, should be able to go so sadly and badly wrong.

Even if we are guilty we are still human beings, and people in prison have certain basic rights. Some people are more vulnerable than others due to their mental state or their age, and there are some links to information on the Prisoners & families page.

You may be in prison and unable to see this. but someone you know may. If it gives them hope and some avenues to follow, maybe it can do something for you. If you know someone who is in prison, try to get some support for yourself.


Joint Enterprise

There are concerns too about people charged under joint enterprise law as being responsible - by being present - during the commission of a serious crime, or even for not preventing it. Are we to risk imprisonment for the company we keep or whither we wander, or will we get beaten up for intervening? Others have tried the latter and not survived to tell the tale.

See BBC Panorama link on joint enterprise
and video at 

Look up 'Criminal Enterprise: Individuals,organisations and criminal responsibility' by Chistopher Harding, and 'Power Resistance Knowledge' by Andrew Green.

If themes such as scapegoating in relationships or groups, or being pressured through dissing or bullying are of interest, visit 'Doc Matrix' site or see relevant videos on Youtube Survivorway channel.

JOINT ENTERPRISE: NOT GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION is a campaigning organisation that intends to highlight such cases where joint enterprise is applied and those convicted are stating they are not guilty of the index offence

BBC Panorama link on Joint Enterprise
and video at





Did you sign something?
Did you have a lawyer?
Did people listen to you?
Did they try to understand you?


Were you confused when questioned?
Did you say anything that wasn't right?
Did they say your fingerprint matched?
Were you where people said you were?


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