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Human Rights - books and resources

Information available changes frequently. While you are searching other items of use can turn up



BBC Website:
english/ static/ in_depth/uk/2001/life_of_crime/

BIHR (British Institute of Human Rights)

CCRC Links

JUSTICE Organisation Links:


LEGAL BLOGS, News Feeds, Podcasts, Video Blogs & Wikis list


LIBERTY (Civil Liberties/Human Rights)

TOUGH JUSTICE Library plus TIPS for re-investigating a case



CAB main Site:

Download information on many issues + local CAB Branches:

Civil Rights in England: index/your_rights/civil_rights.htm


HUMAN RIGHTS TV Video Channels


United Families & Friends Campaign, October 2010

INNOCENCE Network UK, Dr Michael Naughton





INQUEST is a charity that provides a free advice service to bereaved people on contentious deaths and their investigation with a particular focus on deaths in custody. Casework also informs research, parliamentary, campaigning and policy work.

INQUEST operates a casework service for those bereaved after a death in custody – police, prison, psychiatric detention and immigration.

Information on inquests in general, and deaths in custody at
Download pdf file

Leaflet - What to do if someone you know dies in prison

Leaflet - What to do if someone you know dies in police custody

UAI United Against Injustice
National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Campaign and Support Organisations





British Library

Department of Constitutional Affairs

Directgov (Public Services Rights & Responsibilities)

Information Commissioner's Office

Keele University - Human Rights Treaties & Conventions

Kent University Lawlinks lawlinks/gateways.htm

LSB - Legal Services Board Links can_we_help/useful_links/index.htm

Ministry of Justice


LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights, London
Public events are open to all with no ticket or reservation required, unless otherwise stated. Podcasts of some events are available from the website: humanRights/events/Default.htm

'Public events are a key part of the Centre's activities, providing a critical and scholarly forum for discussion and debate. Through public lectures, seminars and conferences, the Centre enables scholars, practitioners, journalists and policy makers from the public, private, commercial and non-governmental sectors to examine critical issues in the field of human rights.'



'Citizens Advice Handbook: Practical Independent Advice' Penguin paperback C.A.B.

'Defending the Guilty: Truth & lies in the criminal courtroom' by Alex McBride

'Human Rights in the UK: An introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998' by D.Hoffman & J.Rowe QC

'Judge for Yourself: How many are innocent?' by L A Naylor

'Killer in the Shadows/Robert Knapper' by Laurence Alison, Marie Eyre

'Legal Blunders' by Geoff Tibballs

'Michael Mansfield: Memoirs of a radical lawyer' by Michael Mansfield

'Miscarriages of Justice: A review of justice in error' by Clive Walker, Keir Starmer

>'Miscarriages of Justice' by Bob Woffinden

'No Smoke: The shocking truth about British justice' by Sandra Lean

'Presumed Guilty: British legal system exposed' by Michael Mansfield

'Psychology of False Confessions' notes by Dr. Gisli Gudjonsson. See book 'The Psychology of Interrogations, Confessions and Testimony'

'Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice: Beyond the tip of the iceberg'  by Dr Michael Naughton

'Scandals in Justice' Magazine

'Somebodies & Nobodies: Overcoming the abuse of rank' by Robert W Fuller

'Stack & Sway: The new science of jury consulting' by Neil J Kressel, Dorit F Kressel

'Sway, the irresistible pull of irrational behaviour' by Ori Brafman, Ron Brafman

'Taking Liberties' by Chris Atkins, Sarah Bee, Fiona Button

'The Algebra of Justice' for comments on some wellknown UK cases

'The Death of Justice' by Michael O'Brien with Greg Lewis

'The Handbook of Human Rights Law: An accessible approach to the issues & principles' Michael Arnheim

'The Price of Innocence' by Iain McKie & Michael Russell

'The Use and Abuse of Power' ed by Annette Y Lee-Chai, John Bargh

'Trial & Error' by David Jessel

'Trial & Error' by Robert Kee

'Weird Cases: Comic and bizarre cases from courtrooms around the World' by G Slapper

'When Law Fails: Making sense of miscarriages of justice' by Douglas Berman, Charles Ogletree, Austin Sarat

'Your Rights: the Liberty Guide to Human Rights' by Megan Addis & Penelope Morrow


Survivorway channel videos leading to information for Survivors of various kinds

Bullying, Domestic violence, Coercion;
Child abuse, Abuse survivors; Sadistic abuse;
Homelessness, Missing from Home;
Con-tricks, Scams, Getting set-up or hustled; 'The Real Hustle';
Consumer information, BBC Watchdog, Rogue Traders;
Ageing, Alzheimer's; Mental health, MIND; Samaritans;
Citizens' Advice Bureaux, Advice;
Miscarriages of Justice; Liberty: Human rights, Civil liberties;
Your Rights & Liberties - versions for young people & older people;
Safety online & off; Safety tips for meeting up with someone - Phone a Friend!
Boundaries in therapy; Double standards or double binds?

TANSAL Abuse & Rights

Domestic Violence, Stalking, Harassment, Bullying, Coercive Relationships
Scapegoating, Dissing, Abuse

'DOC MATRIX' website at

How we get labelled with things that are not appropriate, and other ways we are pressured or influenced, even feeling we have to leave or go missing. Helplinks at

Did you sign something?
Did you have a lawyer?
Did people listen to you?
Did they try to understand you?


Were you confused when questioned?
Did you say anything that wasn't right?
Did they say your fingerprint matched?
Were you where people said you were?



Updates are at TANSAL ABUSE & RIGHTS
Part 1 Human Rights Resources, Campaigns
Part 2 Miscarriages of Justice Articles & Books
Part 3 False Confessions;
Part 4 Problems with Evidence
Part 5 Prisoners, Families, Mental Health

Supporting a Survivor of abuse plus Survivor Links
General Links, Directories, Other information
Guidelines for Help & Self-Help | Mental Health Resources |
Groups, Cults, Beliefs, Scams | Scapegoating, Abuse, Dissing |
Domestic Violence, Stalking, Bullying, Coercion, Safety
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